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Walk for the cure

Even though I have not become too active yet, I like doing various walks for curing stuff. I did the heart walk with other NJMer's last fall. I did a walk 10 years ago for AIDS. I'd love to do cancer walks since it has hit my family often. I think there are diseases that are left out of the mix though. For example, what about a walk for syphillis?

One might say that if someone gets syphillis, it's there own fault anyway. AIDS is also an STD, although there are other ways to get it such as blood transfusions or being born to someone with AIDS in which the patient would be considered "not at fault." What if someone got syphillis from birth? Let's walk for the cure!

Actually, I think it's curable by antibiotics if I am not mistaken, but what about a syphillis vaccine?
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