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Lifetime Psychotic TV for biotches-syphlitic whores

For those of you on myspace, this is a paraphrased repeat. I hope this is a fun topic. Besides I need a break from the boredom of studying and hope to stir up a bit of controversy.

The other day I saw a Lifetime movie about a bitch whose husband left her, probably because she was being a bitch ("A Woman Scorned: The Elizabeth Broderick Story.") She murdered him and his second wife. Despite the poor acting and cheesiness, I decided to add the movie to my wish list. The comments I saw about the movie sparked a blog rant.

In every comment on Amazon about the movie, women sympathized with the bitch committing the murders, saying that she worked car to be a good wife and mother, and that her husband left her after all of those years. Hello! The bitch had a mental fit because her husband bought her the wrong ring for Christmas. She burnt all of his pants. She assumed that he was cheating on her, but the movie never showed that, nor showed that he left her for another woman. She was crazy!

I'll admit to getting sucked into Lifetime movies now and then, but those comments angered me. All of the Lifetime movies seem to justify bad behavior of women by saying that they were abused, cheated on, etc. The women are always made out to be heroes no matter what. Many of them are just psychos. Bad childhoods, etc are not an excuse to commit crimes. I know people with bad childhoods who still turned out to be nice people.

Bring on Spike tv!

I hate reverse sexism and femi-nazis. I don't agree with male chauvenism (like women shouldn't vote or be mechanics, etc.) I also don't agree with the other extreme that women should get a job over a man, for example, just because they are women and not because of their abilities.

I don't think Elizabeth Broderick (the character from the movie, based on a real life situation) should have her actions excused because she is a female or was the dumpee. Even if he really did cheat or what not, what she did is inexcuseable. It seemed like he was justified in leaving her anyway-he could stop going to work without pants! She was psycho!

I don't think people should use sex/gender roles, race, age, childhood abuse, etc to get out of responsibilities for their actions. I think I will be dropping comments on! People should stop using past mistreatment of groups of people that happened because we were all born, just grow the fuck up, and be a responsible member of society.

Ok, back to studying.....
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